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The professionals at AEP have provided site design services for a wide variety of projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.


Camden County, New Jersey – Consisted of the site design to accommodate a 100,000 square foot warehouse equipped with sixteen (16) loading dock bays.  The site improvements encompassed various elements, such as the implementation of stormwater management systems, site lighting, conducting a truck circulation analysis, grading, and performing cut-fill assessments. Additionally, our team members played an important role in securing approval from the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

Mercer County, New Jersey – The rehabilitation of an existing 350,000 square foot warehousing facility.  The site improvements included stormwater management upgrades, site circulation improvements, utility service upgrade, and site landscaping and lighting enhancements. 

Gloucester County, New Jersey – Provided site design services for the installation of two (2) truck weigh stations at an existing warehousing / manufacturing facility including grading and drainage, site circulation improvements, and lighting & landscaping design.  

Truck Depot / Fueling Station

Atlantic County, New Jersey – The expansion of an existing gas / diesel fueling station.  The site upgrades included the expansion of the existing convenience store, additional fueling station and an approximately six (6) acre long stay truck parking area.  Our staff also aided in successfully obtaining in New Jersey Department of Transportation approval.

Camden County, New Jersey – Provided design services for the conversion of an existing strip mall into a truck fueling and repair facility which also provided extended stay parking for approximately one hundred (100) trucks.  The site improvement included the site layout and designs, grading, site lighting and landscaping, stormwater management measures.  Additionally, our staff members aided in successfully obtaining use variance approval from the municipal zoning board and permitting from the New Jersy Department of Transportation.  

Truck Depot.jpg
Subdivision (2).jpg

Residential / Subdivisions

Gloucester County, New Jersey – The project included the development of approximately ten (10) acres into eighteen (18) single family homes.  The improvements included the site layout and grading, stormwater management measures, recreational open space areas, site lighting and landscaping, and coordination for utility service connections.  

Ocean County, New Jersey - The project included the development of approximately thirteen (13) acres into eighty-one (81) townhouses and a twenty thousand (20,000) square foot commercial facility.  The site improvements include the site layout and grading, stormwater management measures, multiple recreational open space areas, site lighting & landscaping, and coordination for utility service connections. The project also required county approval for the improvement along the county route.

Parking Lot

Nassau County, New York – The project proposed the installation of approximately three hundred (300) new parking stalls over a previously developed five (5) acre stie.  The site was originally developed in the early nineteen hundreds and required extensive underground investigation to identify and locate existing infrastructure prior to the design of the site. The project included installation of an extensive multi-zoned underground stormwater management detention / infiltration system, solar lighting to reduce carbon footprint, ADA compliant upgrades and landscaping.    

Parking Lot.jpg
Car Wash.jpg


Our staff has provided design services for numerous car washes throughout the region.  These sites included the repurposing of existing sites into new state of the art car wash facilities, as well as the rehabilitation and upgrade of existing car washes.  

Athletic Facilities

Our staff is experienced in designing a wide variety of athletic fields and facilities including, but not limited to hockey rinks, baseball fields, tennis and pickle ball courts.  

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