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Agresta Engineering & Planning, LLC

Agresta Engineering & Planning, LLC (AEP) was established by Mr. Samuel J. Agresta, serving as the sole Principal Member. The firm operates as a consulting engineering and planning entity underpinned by the fundamental commitment to deliver a level of personalized client service akin to that of a small-scale operation, while leveraging the substantial expertise typically associated with larger organizations. Preceding the inception of AEP, Mr. Agresta amassed invaluable experience through his tenure with esteemed engineering firms located in the state of New Jersey, successfully overseeing a multitude of projects spanning across the Mid-Atlantic Region.


Samuel J Agresta

Agresta Engineering and Planning’s (AEP) president, Samuel J. Agresta brings a vast array of experience to the firm. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Architecture Engineering and a minor in Construction Management from Drexel University in Philadelphia.   He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.  Additionally, in the state of New Jersey Sam is a licensed Professional Planner and a Certified Municipal Engineer.

Mr. Agresta is the founding member of AEP and currently serves as the firm’s President. His responsibilities include management and supervision of all operations of the firm, assuring that all projects are in accordance with proper engineering practices and applicable regulatory guidelines.  Sam has extensive experience managing multi-discipline projects and his areas of expertise include site development engineering, stormwater management systems, utility improvements and floodplain protection.

Born, raised, and educated locally, Sam understands the importance of community and how engineering is more than a profession; it’s an opportunity to create and improve the foundation of the communities we call home. Sam also understands that his efforts and consulting provided today have an impact on the generations to come tomorrow.

Approach to Service & Commitment

AEP adopts a business approach founded on unwavering commitment to serving clients comprehensively throughout all project phases. Whether it pertains to planning, design, construction, or associated administrative requirements, AEP places the interests of our clients at the forefront of every decision. We remain dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions that align with sound engineering principles, taking into consideration not only the initial project costs but also maintenance expenses and long-term value considerations.

From the initial design phase through to the completion of construction, AEP maintains an unmatched commitment to its clients and their projects. Evidence of this dedication can be observed through the active participation of the firm's principal, who diligently supervises every facet of the project, remains accessible to address any inquiries, and prioritizes availability for clients at all times. At AEP, we recognize the importance of accessibility and responsiveness, and we strive to be easily reachable by our clients, regardless of our location – whether at the office, on-site, or even while working remotely.



The personnel at AEP have accumulated substantial expertise in the domains of civil engineering, land planning, land development, and project management.  Our team boasts a track record of roles as municipal engineers as well as active participation in private development endeavors. Consequently, we possess a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies associated with municipal review and approval processes, enabling us to design each site with the confidence of securing the necessary approvals.

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