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Agresta Engineering & Planning, LLC

Agresta Engineering & Planning, LLC (AEP) was established by Mr. Samuel J. Agresta, serving as the sole Principal Member. The firm operates as a consulting engineering and planning entity underpinned by the fundamental commitment to deliver a level of personalized client service akin to that of a small-scale operation, while leveraging the substantial expertise typically associated with larger organizations. Preceding the inception of AEP, Mr. Agresta amassed invaluable experience through his tenure with esteemed engineering firms located in the state of New Jersey, successfully overseeing a multitude of projects spanning across the Mid-Atlantic Region.


The professionals at AEP have provided site design services for a wide variety of projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.


Agresta Engineering & Planning


Burlington County, New Jersey – Consisted of the site design to accommodate a 70,000 square foot warehouse equipped with twelve (12) loading dock bays.


Burlington County, New Jersey – The project included the development of approximately twelve (12) acres into twenty (20) single family homes.


Our staff has provided design services for numerous car washes throughout the region.  These sites included the repurposing of existing sites

Fueling Station

Burington County, New Jersey – The expansion of an existing gas / diesel fueling station.

Parking Lot

Nassau County, New York – The project proposed the installation of approximately three hundred (300) new parking stalls over a previously developed five acre.

Athletic Facilities

Our staff is experienced in designing a wide variety of athletic fields and facilities including, but not limited to hockey rinks, baseball fields



AEP adheres to a straightforward business philosophy centered on forward-thinking, utilizing innovation as a vehicle to achieve advanced engineering outcomes. Our approach involves a comprehensive examination and application of sustainable and universally applicable design methodologies, along with the integration of innovative practices. This ensures the delivery of solutions that effectively address both the current challenges and the forthcoming ramifications. In alignment with this philosophy, AEP places emphasis on delivering the highest quality solutions to meet our clients' present requirements while proactively considering their evolving needs for the future.

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